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    • LR20 D Alkaline Battery
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      LR20 D Alkaline Battery

      Specification: Introduction: 1.LR20 alkaline battery advantages: A.Strict quality inspection: all batteries experience tests on open voltage, discharge time, size, free drop, over discharge, leak resistance under high temperature& high humidity, reverse charge, short...Read More
    • LR14 C Alkaline Battery
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      LR14 C Alkaline Battery

      Specification: Introduction: 1.LR14 alkaline battery advantage: A.Large capacity: discharge capacity of LR14 high-performance alkaline battery is 10% larger than regular alkaline battery. B.High current discharge, excellent high current discharge performance, good...Read More
    • LR6 AA Alkaline Battery
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      LR6 AA Alkaline Battery

      Specification: 1.Performance Parameters: 2.Lead/Cd/Mercury/PVC Contents: Introduction: With high-disperse graphite and ultra-slim steel technology, capacity of D9 ultra-high battery has increased by 10% and high-power performance risen by 30-50%. It is special for high power...Read More
    • LR03 AAA Alkaline Battery
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      LR03 AAA Alkaline Battery

      Specification: 1. Performance Parameters: 2. Lead/Cd/Mercury/PVC Contents: Introduction: 1. Discharge time comparision of common and ultra-high performance alkaline batteries: A. under 20Ω B. under 500mAh 2. Discharge curve A. under 3.9Ω B. under 5.1Ω C. under 20Ω D. under...Read More
    • 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery
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      6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery

        Specification: Introduction: 1.6LR61/9V alkaline battery product introduction Alkaline battery has overcome short storage time, unstable voltage existing on acid battery, Its performance is the best among current zinc manganese battery series. 9V alkaline battery has...Read More
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