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Several Ways To Prolong The Life Of Lithium Polymer Battery

Dongguan Large Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2017

Lithium Polymer Battery Several ways to prolong the life of lithium polymer batteries:

1, Lithium Polymer Battery lithium polymer batteries when charging, the charger is best to choose the original special charger, otherwise will affect or damage lithium polymer batteries.

2, lithium polymer batteries when charging the best in a slow charging way, as far as possible to avoid fast charging, repeated charging and discharging will also affect the life of lithium polymer batteries.

3, Lithium Polymer Battery mobile phones for more than 7 days not to use, should be fully sufficient lithium polymer batteries after reuse, lithium polymer batteries have self-discharge phenomenon.

4, lithium polymer battery charging time is not the longer the better, for the general charger, when lithium polymer batteries are filled with immediately stop charging, otherwise lithium polymer batteries will be heating or overheating affect battery performance.

5, Lithium Polymer Battery lithium polymer batteries after the charge, try to avoid placing more than 10 hours on the charger, such as the long-term use of mobile phones and lithium polymer battery separation.


Lithium polymer batteries do not need to be 3 times before charging to achieve, only after full of can, up to the filling after half an hour or so, overshoot and excessive discharge will have a serious impact on lithium polymer battery life. Usually pay attention to charging. The best choice of charger with original, do not recommend the use of universal charge.

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