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Lithium Polymer Battery

Compared with the previous battery, the lithium polymer battery is a chemical battery with high energy, miniaturization and weight reduction.
Lithium polymer batteries are in shape, and lithium polymer batteries have ultra-thin characteristics, which can be made into batteries of different shapes and capacities in accordance with the needs of some products. This type of battery has a theoretical minimum thickness of 0.5 mm. Since there is no excess electrolyte in the lithium polymer, it is more reliable and stable.
It is packaged in aluminum and plastic. The internal problems can be immediately expressed through the outer packaging. Even if there are safety hazards, it will not explode and will only bulge.
The polymer electrolyte not only has good electrical conductivity, but also has the characteristics of light weight, good elasticity and easy film formation which are unique to high molecular materials. It also conforms to the development trend of chemical power quality, safety, high efficiency and environmental protection.
High energy density lithium polymer battery
Long life cycle of charging & discharging, more than 500 cycles
Enhanced safety with imported IC & MOS protectors
Thinner design & lighter weight with aluminum-plastic composite
OEM & ODM services for special size of lithium polymer battery
Rigorous testing to ensure the quality of all lithium polymer batteries
Large Electronics is one of the professional lithium polymer battery manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with one of the best brands, welcome to import high-quality lithium polymer battery products from our factory and company.
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