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103450 Lithium Ion Battery, 3.7V 3600mAh

▬Model Number:18AQ231-01 ▬Battery Type:103450AR-1S2P ▬Nominal Voltage:3.7V ▬Voltage of shipment:2.4~4.2V ▬Nominal Capacity:3600mAh ▬Nominal charge current:0.5C ▬Nominal Discharge current:0.2C ▬Max charge current :1.0C ▬Max Discharge current :1.0C ▬Operating Temperature: ▬Charge:0~45℃...

?Model Number:18AQ231-01
?Battery Type:103450AR-1S2P
?Nominal Voltage:3.7V
?Voltage of shipment:2.4~4.2V
?Nominal Capacity:3600mAh
?Nominal charge current:0.5C
?Nominal Discharge current:0.2C
?Max charge current :1.0C
?Max Discharge current :1.0C
?Operating Temperature:
?Dimension:MAX 22*38*54mm
?Internal Resistance:=150mO
?Storage Temperature:
?Less than 1 month    -20~60°C
?Less than 3 month    -20~45°C

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