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Protection measures

Dongguan Large Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 18, 2016

Lithium battery core overcharge to voltage is higher than 4.2 V, will start to produce side effects.Of charging the higher the pressure, the higher the risk also follow.Lithium batteries voltage higher than 4.2 V, the anode materials within less than half the number of lithium atoms left, store usually break down at this time, let the battery capacity to produce permanent decline.If continue to charge, due to the storage of the cathode has been full of lithium atoms, subsequent anode materials of lithium metal accumulation in the surface.These lithium atoms from lithium ion to the cathode surface to grow in the direction of the dendritic crystal.The lithium metal crystal through the diaphragm paper makes is negative short circuit.Sometimes in short circuit batteries before the first explosion, this is because in the process of overcharge, electrolyte materials can produce gas cracking, such as making the battery shell or pressure valve blow up broken crack, let oxygen in and accumulation in the lithium atoms on the surface of the cathode reaction, then exploded.

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